Penny Larson

“Seemed to me that drumming was the best way to get close to God.” ~~Lionel Hampton


I’ve always been a drummer. My dad was a drummer, and some of my earliest memories include the notion of myself as a drummer. When I was 8 my mom put me in drum and bugle corps, and I’ve been drumming ever since. I began teaching our junior corps when I was 16, and I’ve been teaching ever since. Over the years I’ve played in countless bands and studied with some of the world’s best drummers. Recently I’ve felt a renewed sense of purpose to create as much new music as I can. Here’s the the journey!

Drum Lessons

I have 36 years experience teaching drummers of all ages and skill levels to further their abilities on the drum set. I use a highly adaptable curriculum to tailor each course of studies to each student’s capabilities and goals. I offer in-person lessons at DiCenso’s Drum Shop in Weymouth, MA, and also virtual lessons via Zoom. Get in touch today so I can start helping you achieve your drumming goals!



-Hypaspace’s most recent release and the drumming I’m most proud of to date.




-Hypaspace brought a whole cast of guest arists on board for this mega-project that would lead to the “Space Machine” tour in 2008.


-An absolute blast of a project in which I pretend to be a jazz drummer.


-One of my favorite projects. Bryan and I played a ton of live shows for a couple years after this release as a guitar/drum duo (with Bryan’s vox, of course), and those shows rank as some of my favorite of all time.