Penny Larson is a founding member of Boston-based instrumental progressive rock trio Hypaspace. With the group, Penny has recorded four studio albums and toured the United States and Canada. She has recorded and toured with American troubadour Bryan McPherson. For the past thirteen years, Penny has been a part of the music worship team at The Crossing, an Episcopal congregation in downtown Boston whose founding ethic is radical welcome, and who believe worship needs the motion of music, i.e., the “Groovement.” Possessing a style driven by dynamics and passion, coupled with powerful technical control of the drum set, Penny believes that her drumming is a spiritual act. She says, “Drumming is the only way I can touch the face of God.”

Penny is also a dedicated drum set instructor. The daughter of a drummer, she started learning at age three, and started passing that knowledge on when she was sixteen. For the past twenty years, Penny has worked one-on-one with students at DiCenso’s Drum Shop. Penny has continued to study drumming, including attending Berklee College of Music from 1994-1998, and the Rhythm Retreat in 2015, where she studied with Billy Cobham and Dave Weckl. She believes that every drummer is different and has developed a highly customizable curriculum.

Penny was a member of the Drum Corps International A-60 Division World Champion St. Francis Xavier Sancians in 1985 and 1986, was a finalist in Boston’s Best Drummer in 1990, received the Youth Concerts at Symphony Hall award from Berklee College of Music in 1998, and was the Hit Like a Girl Contest 40+ Champion in 2019.